East Coast Gambling

The East Coast has been growing in attraction. A virtually wide open market to casino builders, such as Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, and MGM resorts. These companies are either building properties or building properties with more already planned for the future. In the same likeness as a Las Vegas Tower Resort on the East Coast, you will find MGM’s newest $1.4 billion dollar National Harbor Casino, which opens later this week. This establishment will bear over 533, 000 slot machines, 124 tables for games and 308 hotel rooms, as well as a bunch of restaurants and bars to accommodate all of the visitors. Is it gonna be located just South of DC, and lots of locals and businesses are hoping it attracts visitors to our beautiful Capital.

MGM has been super busy between the MGM Borgata in Atlantic City, the MGM Springfield, and the MGM National Harbor all opening, and now with their East Coast endeavors, along with already having the largest single hotel in the US, and the fact that they have been steady big timing since 1993 when the MGM Grand Las Vegas was established, MGM is sure to have a pretty big footprint in casino land pretty soon.

Atlantic City

Wynn Resorts, owners of the Golden Nugget, The Mirage, and The Bellagio was one of the last to fall in place so far after Las Vegas Sands hit Pennsylvania with the Sands Bethlehem, that was so successful that others started filing in line to get their piece.

Noticeably identical to Atlantic City’s expansion, is it’s an obvious undertone of demise. There are so many closed down businesses, it’s hard to want to trust your GPS on a place to lodge for the night. The fact is, that Las Vegas saw a $2.66 billion dollar drop since 2006, and the economy has been experiencing some problems, to say the least. The renovation and new casinos popping up in the fallen Atlantic strip are just contributing to the problem.

All of the casinos are strategically placed. One of the traits we found common in Casinos from MGM, Wynn, and Las Vegas Sands is that they are all placed near a huge concentration of people. The Sands Bethlehem is right I the middle of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, where everyone can reach it within a moderate drive. MGM’s National Harbor and the Wynn Everett are near urban centers as well.

The casinos are nice because of they more attractive to travelers, and worth every cent, but they kind of stick out, being billion dollar resorts in an otherwise barren area. In other words, they look like they go in Vegas. The gambling industry has their scopes set on the assumption that the East Coast has a big enough market to accommodate, but many are worried that they will suffer. The areas will fill out around them as well. The land development companies they hire to place their establishments are not fools, either. They are trained for it.


David and Tom Gardner, founders of the Motley Fool Rule Breakers, also the Motley Fool Stock Advisor, which has tripled the market, seem to believe that 10 stocks will do better than MGM in the coming year, and “they are better buys”.

Popularity of Branded Slot Machine Games

Branded Slot Games
Branded games tend to get the attention of players and are part of the land based sector of games. These games turn movies, television shows, and even championship matches into casino games. They are vey popular and attract a large number of players. These games can help a casino attract casual players and even those that are usually not interesting in gambling.

Casinoadvisor The Popularity Of Online Slots Games

Branded slot often have a low payout rate but players will continue to use them. They are loyal to the name on the machine and want to play the game.

hanneaimonenHanne Aimonen from Net Entertainment stated that these games are new and they are taking things slot. They have enjoyed success with a Scarface game. They currently have the proper license to product a small number of branded games. They are looking forward to releasing Frankenstein.

  • Picking the Right Brand
  • Holy Slots Batman

This game is not just about recognizing the name but making the game fun. Creators have to decide what names are going to catch the attention of fans that are able to gamble. Justin Bieber games may to be appealing to fans. Fans of Bieber are often teenage girls and they are not old enough to gamble. This is something that has to be taken into consideration.

There are some things to look for when making a slot machine game. The game has to be appealing and follow the themes of the movie. They need to find a way to make the game interesting and creative.robin

The game has to be easy to recognize such as Robin Hood. They are not directly branded and no license is needed to reproduce them. Licensing is not cheap. This is why many casinos do not have branded games. Getting proper licensing can be expensive and a casino has to choose their brands carefully.

New Games

There are a number of branded games that are in the development stage. Marvel is looking to turn their comic books into slot games. Playtech was able to reach an agreement with this company. Paramont Pictures is also entering in agreements. Gladiator has become a popular slot game. The Ultimate Fighting Championship slots are popular in the United Kingdom. These slots target people that are not traditional casino goers. The president of the UFC feels that it is a smart move to expand their brand.

There have been some slots that have been big hits. Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider are popular. The Uk football magazine Shoot has recently entered licensing agreements to produce a slot game.

rogerraatgever Roger Raatgever who is the CEO of Microgaming said that Shoot will be kicked off in style. It is yet to be determined if this will bring non gamblers to the casino. The casinos that have these branded games will continue to stand out amongst those that do not.

Why Texas Holdem is a Game for Winners

As anybody who has ever played a fierce game of Texas Holdem will know, it doesn’t pay to be nice. If you want to emerge victorious, you’ve got to get your best bluffing face on and be willing to take no prisoners. While good manners and respect for everybody at the poker table are essential, this is a game where sneaky tactics and clever strategies are expected.

To become a Texas Holdem champion, you need to adopt a confident and cool playing style. And it simply doesn’t pay to put your rivals first. This means no refusing to raise the person who is putting in a short stack every round. In online games, it might mean getting rid of your reluctance to raise before the flop.

There are all kinds of clever poker tricks and tips that you can use to win, but you’ve got to be ruthless. This is especially true for tournament games of free Texas Holdem. You should be aiming to push out all the other players and be the only one left to claim the prize pot when you’re finished. So, if you get a chance to ‘kill’ a player, take it.

When playing online, this is going to make you some enemies (albeit temporarily). Tensions rise quickly during Texas Holdem and nobody likes being outsmarted. However, the vast majority of players are good losers and they can appreciate the skill and knowledge that was used to beat them. Nevertheless, if winning big is your goal, don’t worry about making pals.

For instance, it is perfectly okay to raise before the flop if you have a great hand. It often frustrates losing players, but that’s what poker is all about. Trying to play too friendly would prevent you from using handy tactics like the check-raise. This is a really influential technique and it’ll put you on the right path to the prize pot.

In summary, you should always keep your eye on the end goal when playing any form of poker, but it is particularly important for online games. Just remind yourself that you don’t know your competitors, you’ve got every right to go after them, and you need to be the one who emerges victorious at the end.

You are advised to keep the trash talk to a minimum, though. This kind of tactic can quickly backfire and get everybody else around the table gunning for you. Play fierce and strong, but don’t turn the game against yourself. The best poker players know when to push, when to hang back, and when to go for gold.